Allington Castle is not open to the public – so the only way to get a glimpse of this stunning building is from the River Park.

The castle can be seen from Allington Path – the stretch of towpath between the marina and the lock.

Nestled in 42 acres, the castle dates back to Medieval times and is surrounded by a moat. A large lake split by a causeway leads up to the entrance.

The castle is also surrounded by beautifully restored gardens, featuring ornamental ponds and fountains, Italian gardens, Lavender walk, rose arbor with temple and a walled Tiltyard garden.

The interiors are fully furnished and in character with its Medieval origins, with Tapestries, antique furniture and Great Hall in whom Henry VIII & Anne Boleyn dinned with Sir Thomas Wyatt around 1530.

Allington Castle is the private residence of Sir Robert Worcester, the founder of the MORI polling company.