Whatman Park was once inaccessible to the public, locked between a railway and the river.

It is the centrepiece of the Maidstone River Park and linked to the town by two pedestrian bridges.

The Kent Messenger Millennium Bridge was the world’s first ‘cranked’ stress ribbon bridge. One of only twenty stress ribbon bridges worldwide and was only the second stress ribbon bridge built in the UK.

Most of the stress ribbon bridges can be found in Japan and the Czech Republic, with others in Germany, Switzerland and the USA. Some like the 127 metre bridge across the Sacramento river in California are single span, others, like the 261 metre bridge at Nymburk, have intermediate props.

The Kent Messenger Millennium Bridge has two spans: 49 metres over the river and 38 metres over the flood plane.

The bridge was designed by Cezary M Bednarski, a director of London based Studio E Architects.